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blinkies by Otto

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wMonday, August 04, 2003

Checked the HLA GuestBook and have answers to a couple of questions brought up there. First... Pat Lundberg's March 10 question... Had a photo on first page at one time. I've just found it and reproduced it for you and our many other newer residents. Here it is... an oldie but goody...

Click Here to see a digitally enlarged version. This photo was taken many years ago so many of the newest homes won't even show up as dots on the map, but hey, the topography hasn't changed that much... the lake's just a bit shallower right now. This photo is compliments of Aerial Graphics, Grand Rapids, MI.

Next... Jim Corby's question about having to sign in at DotPhoto. The two places i checked on the HLA websites... one here and the other at the HLA News & Weather site... take you right to the list of albums i put up at DotPhoto. Just click on the album title of your choice to see the photos. I noticed DotPhoto now has a sign-in on that page but it's just for people who might have their own DotPhoto webspace and want to sign in from there. (I put my family photos up to my own account where we can access them and order prints when we're ready.) The HLA DotPhoto is designated 'public' so you shouldn't have to sign in. If you're still having problems let me know at granni39@yahoo.com

More questions? Keep 'em coming... if i don't have the answers i'll try to get them for you! Shirley

posted by sherle at 12:31 PM

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