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blinkies by Otto

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wSaturday, May 01, 2004

April 24 Potluck Dinner
In a few words.....
  • ...good turnout
  • ...good company
  • ...good food
  • ...good meeting!!!
Little more needs saying. You will find minutes of the meeting here. Among other issues we discussed the Eurasian watermilfoil problem in Hackert Lake. There was a very informative article published in the Ludington Daily News, written by Betsy Lydick: Spring a good time to remember water quality. It is recommended reading for everybody living on waterfront property, so we've preserved the article here. The same edition of LDN included a list of suggestions for maintaining a healthy lake. I've encapsulated those suggestions further in these lakeside tips. We all enjoy a lush green lawn but before you fertilize, read these tips and maintain your lawn accordingly. Weeds just love all that fertilizer too!

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