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blinkies by Otto

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wFriday, October 28, 2005

News from the little cottage next to the campground...

Hello... this is me, Shirley Salas, still a member and supporter of the Hackert Lake Association. First an update...
  • My husband Frank passed away on August 29. He had an existing heart condition but was under a physician's care and apparently doing just fine. He literally died with his boots on... working on one of his many projects around the house. Thankfully for him, death came quickly. Unfortunately for his loving family, it was a shock. I'm getting along pretty well now... taking care of business and realizing how much he really did around here. I have no immediate plans for our property next to the campground at this time but will let you know if that changes.

  • I'm still actively involved in the dioxin issue with Michigan Department of Environmental Quality on the eastern side of the state... along the Tittabawassee River floodplain. Our efforts have resulted in state legislation concerning homeowners' rights. On June 29, the Michigan House of Repesentatives passed HB4617 with a majority vote of 77-29! The bill is currently in the Senate as SB390. Check out the Tittabawassee River Voice website if you want to know more about this bill. It is a bill that will protect homeowners' rights everywhere in the State of Michigan.

  • Hackert Lake Association has a new website at it's new domain. Along with the new site is a pair of co-webmasters - Pat and Sara Lundberg. The Lundbergs are full-time residents of Hackert Lake so the website should be kept up on a more timely basis now. Stop by and see how the new location is developing. The URL is http://www.hackertlake.com - and while you are there, don't forget to bookmark the site!

I really enjoyed creating the original website and probably got a bit carried away at times. Now I don't have the time to keep up with it, but I still love Hackert Lake and most of the wonderful people living there. Actually the whole Scottville/Ludington area still has the wonderful hometown flavor that is quickly vanishing from many parts of our country today.

For a while I will be keeping this blogsite - hopefully so I can share an occasional photo. The others... one at my personal domain and the other on a free webspace... will slowly disappear. Don't forget - bookmark the new Hackert Lake Association website!

posted by sherle at 12:16 PM

wMonday, August 08, 2005

Two weeks ago, we attended the July 2005 Annual Membership meeting of HLA. There was a fairly good turnout and the food wasn't bad either. The good thing is... we are seeing new faces. The bad thing is... some of the older faces were not present. If only we could combine the 'old' and the 'new' wouldn't it be a fine thing?

I've been hoping I could soon introduce you to a new webmaster. At this point I'm not certain whether that will become a fact or not. Meantime, here I am! I just read an article written earlier this summer in the Detroit Free Press. It was written by Hugh McDiarmid, a fellow who interviewed me last week on another matter and so I was just sort of rambling about the internet to learn a bit more about him.

Hugh reports about the environment and sometimes he is on the opposite end of the pole from me. However, this article just begged for me to share it with you: Ecosystem heats up in lakes President Bob Haupt told us at the annual meeting that Hackert Lake fish are pretty big this year - a good sign of health in the lake. Hugh's article explains some of the reasons this warm weather is creating bigger fish. I hope you enjoy reading the article.

posted by sherle at 11:07 AM

wThursday, June 09, 2005

Here's a special something for our friends at the Sheriff's Department. It is a special little Yahoo photo album titled... Sheriff's Dept.Diver Training/Scottville I hope you enjoy it, kids, because I enjoyed taking the photos.

About the Milfoil Weevils - John Ochs tells me there are three big orange buoys marking the locations where the weevils were planted. All of them are at the east end of the lake where Eurasian milfoil seemed to present the biggest problem. John says he and our Prez, Bob Haupt, put up some signs and extra floats at each site. Sounds to me like it should be pretty easy to locate those spots and avoid chopping up the area and killing the precious little critters. If you have a high speed boat of any kind, please exercise special precautions when in the 'weevil area.'

Look for the latest Hackert Lake newsletter. John tells me it should be in our mailboxes very soon. Secretary, Linda Ochs, sent me minutes of the April 2005 potluck meeting. I'll post them as soon as I get them on the internet.

posted by sherle at 3:09 PM

wSunday, June 05, 2005

Do you know what this flag means?

If you are a boater, you should know exactly what this means. It is a 'diver down' flag and here are the rules that apply to that flag.
Scuba divers or snorkelers must display a 'diver down' flag to mark their diving area.
Divers must stay within 100 feet of the vertical position of their diver down flag.
Vessels must remain at least 200 feet away from the flag.
If you are a boater, you need to know this and much more. Today I was fortunate to observe divers on the lake with my camera. Officers from the sheriff's department were in a training session. They not only gave me permission to photograph them, they gave me a copy of the Boaters Handbook. Read it. You may think 'ignorance is bliss' but ignorance of the law is no excuse if you have an accident because you didn't know the rules.

I will be back with more photos... very soon! Just had to share this info right now while they are still there.

posted by sherle at 12:22 PM

wThursday, August 26, 2004

Photo by Brenda Buwolda... trying out her new digital camera at the lake. What a view, eh?

...and now on a more serious note, we have more photos to put up. We have more news, too! Look for a serious update to the site soon.

posted by sherle at 2:55 PM

wFriday, June 04, 2004

Do you want to keep the wildlife healthy on Hackert Lake?

Pat Lundberg saw this Bald Eagle perched on their flag pole.  Posted by Hello

Attend the special meeting on Saturday, June 19, 2004
10:00 a.m. at Amber Township Hall
  • Eurasian Milfoil strangles the life out of lakes.
  • Hackert Lake has an abundance of E. milfoil.
  • We can fix it.
Learn all about the problem and the solution at the meeting featuring:
  • Bert Smith, EnviroScience
  • Dave Hasenbank, Mason County Drain Commissioner

Attend this meeting... the future of our lake depends on it! If you can't stay for the whole meeting, please stop by and sign the petition.

...Hackert Lake Association Board Members

posted by sherle at 10:05 PM

wSaturday, May 01, 2004

April 24 Potluck Dinner
In a few words.....
  • ...good turnout
  • ...good company
  • ...good food
  • ...good meeting!!!
Little more needs saying. You will find minutes of the meeting here. Among other issues we discussed the Eurasian watermilfoil problem in Hackert Lake. There was a very informative article published in the Ludington Daily News, written by Betsy Lydick: Spring a good time to remember water quality. It is recommended reading for everybody living on waterfront property, so we've preserved the article here. The same edition of LDN included a list of suggestions for maintaining a healthy lake. I've encapsulated those suggestions further in these lakeside tips. We all enjoy a lush green lawn but before you fertilize, read these tips and maintain your lawn accordingly. Weeds just love all that fertilizer too!

posted by sherle at 8:11 PM

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